The Northeast Missouri Development Partnership is a coalition of communities and organizations cooperatively marketing the region for retention and expansion of existing industry and new business attraction. Northeast Missouri has all of the elements expanding and relocating companies need in a location to foster the growth of their business. The Partnership will match your inquiry to the locations that meet your requirements, making the Partnership a one-stop site location resource for companies of all industries. Northeast Missouri offers unique opportunities and with our centralized location, we have quick and easy access to a large population of the country. Your next expansion, relocation or consolidation opportunities may be a perfect fit for the resources and advantages offered in Northeast Missouri. We openly invite you to come explore the reasons why more and more companies are choosing to locate in Northeast Missouri.


As your company considers an expansion, relocation or new operations, the Northeast Missouri Development Partnership is can be a valued partner in the process.  The Northeast Missouri Development Partnership provides the following services for a faster, less expensive and less stressful process: 

  • Project Planning Assistance

  • Site Location Assistance

  • Supplier Network Development

  • Local Government Relationship Development

  • Area Statistical Data

As you consider Northeast Missouri, let the Northeast Missouri Development Partnership assist in finding the right location within one of our many communities.


The Northeast Missouri region has maintained its competitive advantage by offering companies a business friendly environment:

One of the lowest cost of business nationally

Centralized location with easy access to major markets 
Desirable quality of life that is hard to duplicate elsewhere 
Educated, highly-skilled and motivated workforce 

Please feel free to contact us today and see for yourself how being located in Northeast Missouri can raise your business to the next level of competitiveness.